Berlin for everybody

It is well known, that we are living in the city which is dirty and ugly, but, alas!, everybody wants to live here. And everybody important lives here or at least comes to visit us. We can do nothing, everything will be done for us. Look, just now, next week, comes my favorite German journalist, Meike Winnemuth, in November Ai Weiwei  (yes yes THAT! Ai Weiwei) and in one month Miranda July… He comes for one year, they just for one day…

Meike Winnemuth

dressmeikeShe is a very funny girl. She spend one year in one blue dress and wrote a book about it. So funny!

In a year 2010 she took part on TV Programmm Who becomes a millionaire?, got really half a million euro, took the money and spend one year living every month in another big city all over the world. And of course she wrote a book about living one year in the world. So funny!

I wrote about it HERE.

Now she does nothing! And she wrote a boook about it. So funny!

You will meet her:

Wed, 21. Oktober 2015 – 20:00

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30

10178 Berlin

Tickets (ach!) 12 €

Just go!

Ai Weiwei

12141735_993862160635176_394371024703387085_nI am not very fond of him though I know to appreciate his doings and deeds. He is a hero, it is interesting to meet a hero. One does not have many occasions like that in one’s life.

Sun, 1st of November 17:00

Konzertsaal der UdK
Hardenbergstraße 33
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

There are no tickets any more, so do not try to go! But there will be a live video stream at – in German, English and Chinese.

Miranda July

She comes tu Huxleys New World to present her new book:
„Der erste fiese Typ”.

Moderation: Thomas Böhm
German voice: Tatiana Nekrasov
Presented by Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch and BUCHBOX! bookstores
The event will be in German and English

Miranda July Fr, 13.11.2015  at 20:00
Huxleys Neue Welt, Hasenheide 107, 10967 Berlin

Tickets, ach, 17,5 €

Buy the tickets and go!


Informacje o ewamaria2013

Polska pisarka w Berlinie
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