Reblog: Hania’s Instant Happiness Self Help Book

Hania była już u nas na blogu. To ta dziewczyna, która zaprosiła rodziny uciekinierów syryjskich na święta do Krakowa. Dziś, w Niedzielę Palmową, Hania jako doradczyni życiowa.

Hania Hakiel

I am thinking about writing one of those Instant Happiness Self Help Smartass Books: „1 step to recognize if she/he is a right person to marry”. This one step is „Go for a road trip through Namibia”. Imagine driving hundreds of kilometres through the desert without even seeing another person and being passed by maybe a few cars. Imagine climbing sand dunes in enormous heat. Imagine having your food being stolen by shakals and your road blocked by stubborn (beautiful!!!!!) gazelles and zebras. Imagine planing the road together when there is no info about the lonely roads you want to take. Imagine taking care for water and fuel supplies so you can always survive 3 days without any civilization. Imagine listening together to perfect silence…Imagine ending up in paradise … (or on a different planet)… And camping on a desert will allow you to verify what your potential long term partner knows about the stars and scary looking bugs bigger than your hand, about initiating fire, cooking yummy dinner out of can food… And when doing all these things you also get to know yourself– how good life-long partner are you for yourself? Are you allowing yourself to scream like a child when spotting Pumba (a friend of Lion King)? But before I write this bestseller I send you love from paradise.

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