Reblog: Martha Walter

We already had here some reblogs from that wonderful blog by f.e. HERE. This time my sister Kasia, seeing pictures of our picknic „ladies for ladies” in Berlin send me that link writing:

Po prostu zobaczyłam te obrazy i pomyślałam: i nic się nie zmieniło. Są ludzie złej woli i w odpowiedzi na to pojawiają sią ludzie dobrej woli, a między nimi „oni” – uchodźcy, emigranci, tułacze. I to wszystko w nawiązaniu do Waszego piknikowego działania. Jakby nic się nie zmieniło: dzieci i rowerki, kobiety w chustach zatroskane o ciepło, chleb i dach nad głową.


Our picnic on 1oth of July in Berlin with about hundred women living permamently in Berlin (mostly Poles) and about two hundreds of refugees women and their children. The soul of that event was Anna Alboth from Family without border.
Foto Jagoda Woźniak.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Immigration as seen by American Martha Walter 1875-1976

Landing Room at Ellis Island

America is a country of immigrants.  During the 20s, American Impressionist Martha Walter, known for her carefree beach scenes, painted powerful views of immigrants entering the United States. In 1922, Walter spent months painting what became her most celebrated images, a series of 36 works depicting the thousands of immigrants kept in detention on Ellis Island, awaiting entry into the United States. In contrast to her happy beach scenes, the Ellis Island paintings portray the harsh realities of immigrant family life, especially the trials of mothers and babies. The dreadful, crowded conditions inspired a group of 22 paintings that were exhibited that year in the Galerie Georges Petit in Paris.  The French government selected one for the permanent collection of the Musée de Luxembourg. The series subsequently appeared in 1923 at the Art Institute of Chicago.

 Just Off the Ship Ellis Island

Babies’ Health Station No 4

Babies’ Health Station No 14

Babies’ Health Station No 5

Babies’ Health Station

Babies’ Health Station

Czech Immigrants

Italian Section, Detention Room, Ellis Island

Italian, Jewish, and Yugoslav Mothers and Children Waiting

Italians in Detention Room

Jewish Mothers and Babies

Jews and Slavs Waiting

Just Off the Ship

Waiting Room

Crowded Detention Room


Informacje o ewamaria2013

Polska pisarka w Berlinie
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