Da capo al fine

or Nieuleczalnie żywa

Nieuleczalnie żywa means not curable alive in a grammatically female form, which is a quotation from title of the book of poems of Calisian poet Urszula Zybura, edited 1986.

Nine sheets of Longina Poterek

The exhibition of 9 „sheets“ with application images of 9 stages of female life. From the young and naive „Green Heads“, through being „In Love“ up to the most important moment in a woman´s life – the „Great Explosion“. It is a story of a process of a girl getting mature, becoming a woman. Nine stages, like nine months of a pregnancy – a period of becoming naturally mature, when a woman explores herself and realises who she really is.


It was made on puropse – to show this story on real “sheets” – very intimate pieces of textile, that everybody has in his own bed. The relation between intimate, personal objects, life-stages of a woman and common feelings, shared emotions, gives a melange in which many women can find their own stories.





Informacje o ewamaria2013

Polska pisarka w Berlinie
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