A very (un)important question

Ewa Maria Slaska


One month ago I was in Washington. I visited Capitol and Capitol Library, Sculpture Garden with a Silver Tree, Vietnam Memorial, Holocaust Museum and Smithsonian Institut. Only in Capitol somebody checked my identity. It means: if somebody shall really want to know I was there he will be able to check it  using Capitols archives. I suppose than that imaginary „someone” will be ably to find my mail-adresse, birthday, number of my slips and information how many grandchildren I have. OK, I do not mind. If I want to see the place where the world is governed I have to accept I am being controlled. But only then.

Now… I am already some weeks back in Europa. Since then I get mails from Smithsonian. Like that one, from 25th of November. A Subject line: a power of knowledge.


Dear Friend,

This year, Smithsonian scientists built a tool that will touch the sun without melting. Smithsonian curators assisted FBI agents in identifying a stolen pair of Ruby Slippers from the The Wizard of Oz. And Smithsonian educators developed a new, freely available science curriculum that can be used by teachers all around the world.

That’s the power of knowledge. And the power of the Smithsonian. Thanks to you.

The year’s not over yet. To keep this momentum going, we’re looking for 150 new Friends of the Smithsonian members by the end of November. And because you’re such a devoted Smithsonian supporter, we’re offering you a Fall Member Drive discounted rate of just $60 – a savings of $15!

Your Member Card

When you become a Friends of the Smithsonian member, you’ll receive your very own Smithsonian membership card. This card is your gateway to exciting discounts, but it means much more than that. It’s a symbol of your belief in the power of knowledge. It shows that you’re committed to helping Smithsonian scientists, researchers, curators and educators make the world a better place.

And here at the Smithsonian, we want to reward you for that commitment. Become a member today and receive:

  • A subscription to Smithsonian magazine;
  • 20% discount in Smithsonian Museum Stores
  • 10% discount at selected Smithsonian dining facilities
  • A beautiful Smithsonian annual engagement calendar with full-color images of exceptional art and artifacts.
  • …and more!

P.S. – Ready to take the next step in your quest for knowledge with a Friends of the Smithsonian membership? Join today and receive your special Fall Member Drive discounted rate – $15 off our standard membership rate!

Well, no, thank you, dear Smithsonian. I am totally excited of an extraordinary history of you and of your founder, but no, thank you, I do not want membership, even offered the cheaper one… I do not want anything but a very (un)important answer to my question:

GUYS! How did you get my mailadress? How did you know I was there? HOW!? I did not ask google, I did not search in Internet, I just was there. And you know it. HOW and WHY?

Is it geotracking?

Does my smartphone spy on me? Does ist listen to what I am saying? (I was excited of history of James Smithson and of your institution, so I told it anybody who wanted or did not want listen to me)

Or is Smithsonian itself making spionage job on its visitors?

PS. Cleaning the spam file I discovered also a mail from Peets Coffee, a small  and informell coffee shop. They also have my  adress. Somebody else?



Informacje o ewamaria2013

Polska pisarka w Berlinie
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4 odpowiedzi na „A very (un)important question

  1. ewamaria2013 pisze:

    Do not worry, America. I discvovered today, we are even worse in Germany. Every time travelling somewhere from Berlin I have to come to Berlin Huptbahnhof – Main Railwaystation. Nearby the Station there is a new very morden building, from wich I know now – its name is Futurum. I still do not know what it should be – an institute, a museum. Whatever. I never spoke with somebody aboutit. I never asked. I never looked in Internet. I merely looked. And today in the morning I got the fully informetion from FUTURUM.
    So see yourself what it is. http://www.futurum.de
    I suppose thea are reading the thoughts of passerbys.
    Well, future!

  2. Anonim pisze:

    Connecting to an open Wi-Fi network such as a free wireless hotspot exposes your computer or mobile device to security risks. While not usually enabled by default, most computers, phones, and tablets have settings that allow these connections to initiate automatically without notifying the user.

    This behavior must be managed carefully to avoid security risks. Check your wireless network settings to verify whether these settings are enabled and consider changing them. Wi-Fi auto-connect should only be used in temporary situations.

  3. Anne S. pisze:

    wahrscheinlich stecken die Russen dahinter; frag mal bei Putin an.
    schreib lieber nichts Böses über den Trampel, sonst schickt er uns noch Batman.


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