About that blog

ewaMawatarIt is me, Ewa Maria Slaska. Das Bildchen wurde von Anna Krenz gemacht.

I am making that blog since almost seven years and I am alone by this work. Some authors who worked with this blog are gone, but there are always new ones coming. And the old ones come sometimes back, too. The list of cooperating authors is getting longer and longer. We are now more than 300 persons.

If somebody wants to join the blog, to write, to make photos or just to have ideas, I kindly invite she or him to cooperate. I publish a new post once a day, preferably just after midnight and – it works! There are texts in Polish, German or English, sometimes in all those languages at once, sometimes in addition of other languages, or there is a link there to the same texts in other language. It is so called text’s diversity. Just look.

Since 2. Dez 2019 I use as header (banner) winter pics made on previous day by Mars Wawrzyn. Mars Wawrzyn is author and translator living in Góry Izerskie (Izera Mountain), which are part of the Western Sudetes on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. The range got its name from the Jizera (Izera) River, which rises at the southern base of the Smrk massif.



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